Welcome to Bergen!

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We think we live in a pretty special place: a small corner of rural Alberta characterized by cool summers, snowy winters, farmers young and “older”, third-generation ranchers, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, musicians…and the best beef jerky you’ll find anywhere. The Bergen Institute for Agriculture and the Arts exists to help recognize and support all that is unique about Bergen. We want to make farming a viable way of life here; create opportunities for our artists and craftspeople; preserve our land and our water; encourage newcomers to share and appreciate our rural lifestyle; and share what we learn about ourselves and our community with those who live in other special places. Join the discussion. Check back often. See you in Bergen.

Bergen Institute at County Council

On May 11, Jamie Syer made a presentation on behalf of the Bergen Institute to the County’s Policies and Priorities Committee. Jamie outlined some of the Institute’s immediate projects and longer-term goals. Download the presentation (pdf format).